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03/29/2022 1:30 P.M.
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Embark on a new learning journey with accounts receivable management (ARM) industry essential topics planned for ACA International’s Core Courses and Hot Topic seminars in April.
If you attended ACA IGNITE 2022 or missed out on the sessions on operations, technology and compliance, these April courses are perfect building blocks for your education leading into ACA’s Annual Convention & Expo in July.
The upcoming seminars highlight Regulation F and artificial intelligence, the future of consumer payments, policies and procedures and more.
ACA online education is included in the purchase of the All-Access Training Zone. If you’re already subscribed, the April education is included in your Training Zone pass for you and your company. If not, invest in your employees by purchasing the Training Zone and access all of ACA’s seminars, seminar recordings and the ACA How tutorials.
Don’t miss out. Take a look at these courses planned for April and save your spot now.
How AI, Reg F and Intelligent Chatbots Have Transformed Collection Software
Quantrax invites you to join an informative discussion that will include many examples of the successful application of artificial intelligence in the collection industry. Powerful Reg F solutions, intelligent chatbots, and integrated two-way text messaging—are you ready for the changes that are coming? Quantrax’s Ranjan Dharmaraja and Delight Kasserman, David Byrne, RMEx implementation specialist at Wakefield & Associates Inc., and ACA International Education Director Kelli Krueger will lead this Innovation Stage Online panel featuring new material covering complex challenges for modern collection technology.
This seminar is from 2 to 3 p.m. CDT April 8. Visit the seminar webpage to register.
Writing Policies & Procedures
Vital to any CMS, written policies, procedures, and work instructions have unique characteristics that determine when and how they should be used. During this course, you will practice writing a sample of each using defined guidelines plus you will take home tools and samples to jumpstart development of this critical element of the compliance lifecycle. Pamela Murphy, vice president, privacy and compliance officer at ConServe, will lead this course.
This seminar is from 2 to 3 p.m. CDT April 8. Visit the seminar webpage to register.
The Great Debate: The Future of the Small vs Large Agency
The largest membership segment for ACA is the small agency, but industry trends indicate this group is shrinking. Join this important debate as we hear perspectives from small and large agency owners. The best outcome for us all is if we find ways to partner, empower our colleagues and encourage innovation across our full membership. Mindy Chumbley, owner, Solverity and vice president of the Washington Collectors Association, Steve Kusic, CEO at National Recovery Agency, and Melissa Nash, president, CEO and founder of Checkmark Collections, will lead this discussion.
This seminar is from 2 to 3 p.m. CDT April 12. Visit the seminar webpage to register.
Modernizing Consumer Payments
Join Tim Collins, chief customer officer at InDebted, and Jon Balon, vice president, product & innovation at Williams & Fudge Inc., as they explore what the payment future looks like and how to make sure your business stays current and secure when taking a more innovative approach to how your receivables are handled.
This seminar is from 2 to 3 p.m. CDT April 19. Visit the seminar webpage to register.
Check ACA’s online events calendar for regular updates on the Hot Topic seminar schedule and Core courses and stay tuned for more coverage of April education and beyond in ACA Daily. Updates are also available by subscribing to events and education email notices and ACA Daily through your My ACA profile at
If you’re interested in speaking at an ACA webinar, learn more here.
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