Three Pillars of Cyber Security: People – Process – Technology – Open Access Government

Cyberattacks are increasing, by 600% in the last 12 months and industry reports predict it will get worse.
Multiple factors have created this situation. WFH, the great resignation, and the growing threat from hostile nation-states launching cyberattacks. Hackers are continually evolving their attacks using sophisticated social engineering to manipulate victims or using AI to launch brute force attacks 24/7.
Once inside a network, they remain hidden seeding malicious code and even data backups become infected by ransomware.
The enormous profits from ransomware attacks have led to a marketplace on the dark web where hackers with basic technical skills buy commoditised ransomware elements and are set up to launch attacks in hours.
Many organisations remain unaware of the increased threats and are not evolving their cyber security practices to keep up. This passive approach won’t stand up to cyber threats today.
Adopt a Security Mindset – by instilling the thinking: ‘If I’m doing something, what is the process, what is the risk?’
Then secure your organisation with the Three Pillars Cyber Security model.
IT teams are trained with the latest cyber security skills and qualifications to implement the controls, technologies, and best practices for your organisation.
Bring in a coherent structure, and way of working to mitigate risks or deal with threats in real-time. Continually update documents because hackers are constantly evolving their attack techniques.
Technology without a doubt raises the levels of defence. However, if implemented without proper planning, or a limited understanding of the environment it is intended to defend, it will become a root cause of many more problems.
Our teams are ISO27001 / Cyber Essentials verified using the latest approved Cyber Security processes and run an ITIL Support Desk 24/7. Technology partnerships with Qualys and Armor give us access to the latest software, intelligence, and threat alerts.
Securing your organisation doesn’t have to be complicated.
 Step One: Run a Vulnerability Audit which will identify any issues including the unknown ones. We then harden and remediate all weaknesses.
Step Two:  Bring in a Security Operations Centre (SOC) with 24/7 monitoring and dedicated teams ready for the first sign of an attack.
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