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It is now understood that smartphone brands will have multiple audio offerings aimed primarily at their captive set of users. Oppo, like most other brands, has multiple offerings in different price ranges. Its latest is the Enco Air2, a truly wireless earphone aimed at those buying budget phones.
The Oppo Enco Air2 has a very unique design that makes it stand out in the crowd – it has a see-through cap for its oval-shaped charging case. The earpods themselves, however, follow the design philosophy of the Apple AirPods and are quite similar to what Cupertino launched years back. But that also means this is a tried and tested design and there are no surprises here.
I used the Air2 for over a week travelling on a long flight, spending long hours before the flight walking around the expanses of Delhi’s Terminal 3 and even a couple of early morning walks at the beach in my hometown. The earphones stayed on whatever I did, even though there is no silicone tip or fin here to hold the earphones in place.
There are touch controls on both ears to skip songs, pause or just answer an incoming call. This works well and requires no extra effort from your side.
Connecting the device to your phone is easy, and you just need to go to the Bluetooth settings and select the Air2 to pair. However, once paired, it is hard to get this to show up on another device for pairing before being forgotten by the first device.
The Enco Air2 clearly aims to cater to those who love music with a thump and has a 13.4mm drive with extra bass as its USP. As a result, listening to Strive, a binaural recording with a strong guitar note, I was stunned by the quality of the lows even when it was just coming from one side. As the playlist moved to a Believer, the Air2 proved itself to be an all-rounder that can cater to different genres without becoming noisy.
However, with some soft numbers, especially when you are not cranking up the volume a bit and with no scope for high bass, the audio profile seems a bit wanting. But then, listening to subtle numbers is a niche taste that Oppo really does not have to cater to.
The Enco Air2 offers pretty good call quality and even the other side hears you well, despite the windy sea-facing balcony of my flat. The earphones use AI to cut this noise when it recognises you are on a call.
The battery life is good enough to last three working days of Zoom calls on a full charge. If you are using this every once in a while, then you can pull the battery life to over a week.
I tested it with an iPhone too and there were no issues, but clearly, that is not the audience Oppo is gunning for.
At Rs 2,499, the Oppo Enco Air2 is a perfect accessory to buy with your new Oppo K10 or any other phone you are considering.
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