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Posted: 28 March 2022 | | No comments yet
Following a two-year wait, riders in Madrid are now able to benefit from Voi Technology’s e-scooters once again, with a fleet of 440 e-scooters set to be available to serve the Spanish capital by the end of March 2022.
Credit: Voi Technology
Voi Technology (Voi) has announced the return of its e-scooter service in Madrid, the Spanish capital and third largest city in the European Union (EU) in terms of population. Its e-scooters will be deployed on Madrid’s plazas and popular streets, with a complete fleet filling the capital by the end of March 2022.
In total, 440 of Voi’s Voiager 4 (V4) models will be made available to the people of Madrid, with a mission to reduce pollution and congestion and to support the movement towards 15-minute cities.
The relaunch of Voi e-scooters follows a significant commitment from local authorities to support the provision of a safer service for all Madrileñas and Madrileños, whether they are e-scooter riders or not.
In order to address issues of e-scooter safety and clutter, Voi’s service in Madrid will use a strict Mandatory Parking Zone system. This means that, due to a high-precision GPS system, Voi e-scooters can only be parked in designated areas – preventing pavements, alleys and entrances from being blocked by incorrectly parked e-scooters.
Voi Technology has chosen these areas among the 610 Mandatory Parking Zones, already mapped out by Madrid City Council, in order to prevent inconvenience for pedestrians and fines for e-scooter riders.
Between July 2018 and January 2020, Voi’s e-scooters provided riders in Madrid with a sustainable mode of transport. After this time, the city took some time to reassess its regulations and operations to make e-scooters accessible to all, something that the micro-mobility operator supports, having been pro-regulation since the start.
Since then, Voi has been keen to relaunch its e-scooters in Madrid and, thus, is delighted that, alongside the development of Madrid 360 (focused on improving micro-mobility infrastructure) and its expansion in many towns and cities across Europe and the UK, it is expanding its operations in Madrid once again, in addition to launching in Spanish cities Seville and Málaga in Summer 2021.
Charlotte Serres, Voi‘s General Manager for Spain, France and Belgium, said: “We are happy to return to Madrid and support the city council in its commitment to provide more efficient and safer mobility for residents and visitors, e-scooter riders and non-riders – in particular, respecting the needs of vulnerable community members. We believe that Madrid is ready for a change, and Voi will bring its experience and knowledge to make it a true ’15-minute city’. Voi is proud to bring an alternative mobility offering to Madrid, to achieve more sustainable transport with solutions dedicated to solving all people’s needs, such as a more responsible parking.”
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28 March 2022
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