Technology industry big data venture financing deals in North America – February 2022 – Verdict

By Carmen
Total technology industry big data venture financing deals worth $1.9bn were announced in North America in February 2022, led by $250m venture financing of Starburst Data, according to GlobalData’s deals database.
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The value marked an increase of 56.5% over the previous month of $1.24bn and a drop of 11.8% when compared with the last 12-month average of $2.2bn.
North America held a 74.90% share of the global technology industry big data venture financing deal value that totalled $2.59bn in February 2022. With a 74.90% share and deals worth $1.94bn, the US was the top country in North America’s big data venture financing deal value across technology industry.
In terms of big data venture financing deal activity, North America recorded 33 deals during February 2022, marking a decrease of 2.94% over the previous month and a drop of 34.00% over the 12-month average. The US recorded 33 deals during the month.
North America technology industry big data venture financing deals in February 2022: Top deals
The top five technology industry big data venture financing deals accounted for 50.8% of the overall value during February 2022.
The combined value of the top five technology big data venture financing deals stood at $987m, against the overall value of $1.9bn recorded for the month.
The top five technology industry big data venture financing deals of February 2022 tracked by GlobalData were:
1) Alkeon Capital,Altimeter Capital Management,Andreessen Horowitz,B Capital Group,Coatue Management,Index Ventures and Salesforce Ventures $250m venture financing deal with Starburst Data
2) The $222m venture financing of Fishtown Analytics by Altimeter Capital Management,Amplify Partners,Andreessen Horowitz,Coatue,Databricks,GIC,GVA Capital,ICONIQ Growth,Salesforce Ventures,Sequoia Capital Operations,Snowflake and Tiger Global Management
3) Andreessen Horowitz,Coatue Management,DFJ Growth Fund,Lightspeed Venture Partners – US,Pantera Capital Management and Silver Lake Management $200m venture financing deal with Alchemy Insights
4) The $175m venture financing of BloomReach by Bain Capital Ventures,Goldman Sachs Asset Management and TPG Sixth Street Partners
5) Advent International,Alkeon Capital,CapitalG,DFJ Growth Management,S Capital,Sequoia Capital Operations,Tenaya Capital and Y Combinator $140m venture financing deal with Salt Security


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