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Technology News | Dell Introduces New Laptop To Provide Users With Better Performance And Faster Internet Connection .. Google Bans This Popular App To Protect Android Users – Sada El-Bald Echo, Today, Sunday, March 27, 2022 06 PM
The “Sada Al-Balad” website has released a collection of technology-related topics over the past few hours, and between the latest news and reports on the latest technologies, we review the most important of them as follows:
Dell introduces new laptop that offers users better performance and faster internet connection
US technology company Dell has announced the new XPS 15 and XPS 17 laptops, and the company is designing the Dell XPS 15 to give users better performance and speed in connecting to networks thanks to the latest Intel processors.
A scientific team at Sukuba University in Japan has developed an alternative technology to common passwords, which works by distorting or encrypting images online to add extra security.
You can download and use the ISO file available on the official Microsoft website and install Windows 11 for free on the supported device. To do this, you need a USB drive or flash drive, just follow some of the steps we will explain to you in the following. Lines.
The most popular web browser, Google Chrome, supports many great features, so it is the most popular browser without any competition and millions of people around the world want to use it.
The company has announced Samsung Samsung officially announced its latest Galaxy (S) flagship phones for 2022 last February, which include three major versions: the Galaxy S22 and S22 + and the S22 Ultra model.
Google has banned from its Play Store the popular Android processor, which has been downloaded 100,000 times by users, after security experts confirmed that there was a malicious program designed to steal the credentials of users’ accounts on Facebook.
Leaks reveal new details about Xiaomi 12 LITE phone
The leaks have revealed new details about the specifications and settings of the Xiaomi 12 Lite phone, which is scheduled to be released within the company’s mid-range devices in the next few days.
Warning to Windows users: The malicious program hides in Microsoft files
Windows users are on high alert for a vicious attack on their devices called Vidar, which is hidden in Microsoft’s help files.
There are more Search engine without restrictionsYou can use the sites you visit, the people you interact with, and the products you are interested in purchasing freely and securely without monitoring everything you do online. Do not store your data and information.
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