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WhatsApp is a convenient messaging platform that allows users to exchange messages, photos, links and documents. The platform supports various stickers and GIFs and also allows users to record audio/visual messages. Additionally, users can also share their location with other users on WhatsApp, by using the Current Location and Live Location features on the platform. Keep reading to know more about the difference between Live and Current Location and how to share location on WhatsApp. 
The Meta-owned instant messaging platform allows users to share their location in two forms. Users can either share their Current Location or they can share their Live Location. However, these options often confuse users. Sharing current location on WhatsApp would share the user’s location at that very particular time. However, sharing a live location continuously shares the user’s location for a given amount of time. That being said, here is how to share location on WhatsApp. 
If users have sent their Live Location on WhatsApp, they also have the option to stop sharing the location. It can be done from the location card in the chat itself. With the latest updates in Android and iOS, users are also asked if they want to share their location all the time or while using a particular application, which is a good way to protect an application from accessing users’ location without consent. Stay tuned for more technology news. 


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