Industrial estates to be turned into science, technology parks – Tehran Times

TEHRAN- In the near future, industrial estates that have the necessary infrastructure will be turned into science and technology parks in the country, Iran’s industry, mining and trade minister stated.
Making the remarks on the sidelines of a meeting between Industry, Mining and Trade Ministry and Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, Reza Fatemi-Amin said, “We must move in the direction of stopping sales of raw materials, and producing products that have special complexities.”
“There are spaces for knowledge-based work in many industrial estates, but they are more commonly seen for the mass-production spaces. And if Iran’s economy is to be knowledge-based, the industrial parks that provide water, land, and electricity must go further and provide more services, such as scientific, legal, and marketing services to the companies”, he commented.
Global interaction leads to the production of complex products, that is, products that fewer countries produce and supply, and the sale of raw materials in the world is no longer of special value and does not create credibility, the minister said.
“If we want to have a say in the global and international economy, we should produce more complex export products”, he added.
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