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Simulation makes it easier to tackle the complexities of data center design and operations. (Source: Future Facilities)
A new white paper from Future Facilities explores how financial enterprises can use a digital twin to maximizing performance and uncover hidden value in their existing data centers.
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A new white paper from Future Facilities notes that enterprise-owned data center capacity is growing at a rapid pace. According to the paper, “this upward trend, combined with the deployment of high-computing servers with more power density, suggests that enterprise operators will struggle with how to maximize operational performance and extend the life of their existing facilities and capital investments.”
This rapid expansion of capacity can be particularly difficult for financial enterprises where uptime and security are also critically important. According to Future Facilities, the best way to manage these challenges is to have “complete visibility of all aspects of the data center: power, cooling, airflow and capacity utilization.” This visibility can be achieved through the use of digital twin technology.
A data center digital twin is a 3D virtual replica of your data center that simulates its physical behavior under any operating scenario. – Future Facilities, “Data Center Solutions: Helping Financial Enterprises Maximize Performance
Digital twin technology allows financial enterprises to have analyze all aspects of their data center to reveal hidden value, plan future deployments, run what-if scenarios, understand how changes in one area may impact another, and to mitigate the risks of those changes in a simulated environment. “With this 360-degree view into their operation, the client is able to analyze and make day-to-day operational decisions more quickly.”
Future Facilities presents simple steps for financial enterprises looking to implement a digital twin, including creating and calibrating the model, integrating the model into existing systems, and training staff on how to use it.
The paper also includes a case study example of how digital twin technology helped a financial services client reveal hidden capacity, test future best and worst case scenarios, and make the best decisions to scale computing while maintaining reliability.
Download the full report to learn more about how digital twin technology can assist the digitalization of your financial enterprise.

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