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Bringing local production of Activ-Vial™, the world choice for blood glucose test strip protection, to diabetes patients in the China region
Auburn, AL, April 19, 2022Aptar CSP Technologies, part of AptarGroup, Inc. and a leader in active material science solutions to ensure product protection, extend shelf life and improve patient experience, is launching its Activ-Vial system in China. Trusted by leading brands around the world, Activ-Vial will be produced at the company’s facility in Guangzhou, providing a best-in-class offering for the country’s growing diagnostics market, particularly for patients with diabetes conditions where blood glucose monitoring is a critical component of care.
By locally manufacturing Activ-Vial, Aptar CSP Technologies will bring production closer to the local customer, mitigating supply chain disruptions, and more importantly, providing an optimal solution to the local diabetes patient. The move is a key component of the company’s strategic effort to significantly expand its market presence in China.
“This latest investment in local production expansion reflects our continued commitment to serving the China market,” said Badre Hammond, VP Global Commercial Operations, Aptar CSP Technologies. “This initiative not only represents an investment in the markets and communities we serve, but allows us to leverage local supply chains, improving our cost structure and sustainability of operations.”
Aptar CSP Technologies’ Activ-Vial™ solution features the company’s proprietary 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ platform technology fully integrated into the vial, creating a microclimate that protects against moisture and other environmental conditions that can impact diabetes test strip stability (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Activ-Vial™ technology illustration
Unlike traditional packaging options, this technology co-molds highly-engineered active particles into the vial, completely surrounding the product to scavenge moisture before it ever reaches the contents inside (Figure 2). Additionally, the company’s patented “close in the mold” technology ensures a moisture-tight seal that maintains its integrity throughout shelf life and patient use life to deliver greater product stability.

Figure 2: Activ-Vial™ configuration with Activ-Polymer™ concept  illustration
cGMP produced Activ-Vial™ products are now available on site in Guangzhou for stability testing and readiness for commercial launch. Please contact the local Area Sales Manager, Steven Zhang at +86 152 956 04872 or [email protected] for sales inquiries.
About Aptar CSP Technologies
Aptar CSP Technologies is part of AptarGroup, Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacturing of a broad range of drug delivery, consumer product dispensing and active material science solutions. Aptar CSP Technologies leverages its active material science expertise to transform ideas into market opportunities, accelerate and de-risks the product development process, and provide complete solutions that improve consumers’ and patients’ lives. The company offers a complete set of services from concept ideation, to design and engineering, to product development, global production, quality control, and regulatory support that results in expedited speed-to-market. For more information, please visit www.csptechnologies.com and www.aptar.com.
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Press Releases, Pharmaceutical, Device Innovations, Innovation & Insights, Product Solutions, Sustainability
Press Releases, Pharmaceutical, Brand Differentiation, Innovation & Insights, Market Insights, Product Solutions
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© 2022. AptarGroup, Inc.
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