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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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By: Vicki Snyder-Chura – Updated: 7 hours ago
Posted May 17, 2022
ROCHELLE — The fact that Kurt Wolter is adaptable and eager to learn new technologies he can teach his students has been elemental to his success at Rochelle Township High School. Drafting and the technology courses Wolter has taught have changed immensely over the years.
Colleague Glen Mehrings says he appreciates Wolter’s ability to change it up. “Kurt, Rick Bunton and I were once sitting around troubled over a kink in a new computer program. Frustrated, I remarked I was ready to quit (working on it) and Kurt says, ‘Gentlemen, are we mice or are we men?  We are men and we are going to conquer this.’” Mehrings said eventually, they did!
You may or may not have utilized one of Wolter’s production design students’ locker shelving units. His students made, sold and stored them for students over summers.
Bunton said, “Kurt is one of the most diligent and hardworking people I taught with. It didn’t matter if it was teaching or not…he was always focused on the matter at hand. We spent a lot of time together on the road to conferences. Kurt was always looking for an authentic experience, so we ate and drank in some fun and interesting places. The best was a hole in the wall in Nashville that featured live country music. They played requests, so we tried to play ‘Stump the Band,’ but we never did.”
Over the course of his career, Wolter has taught drafting, CAD computer-aided drafting, business technology, game design, product management, internet technology, computer coding, drafting, engineering, robotics and introduced students to 3-D printing.  He has long designed and created sets for the theater department and was a Kishwaukee College adjunct professor.
Wolter started in August 1993 as industrial technology teacher and assistant girls track coach. He was head cross country coach 1995-1996 and oversaw the summer running program. Kurt was the assistant play director 2005-2006, play director 2006-2007 and technology department chair 2008-2009.
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