Technology industry cloud venture financing deals total $1.8bn in Asia-Pacific in Q2 2022 – Verdict

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Led by $120.03m venture financing of Hangzhou Hongjun Microelectronics Technology, total technology industry cloud venture financing deals worth $1.8bn were announced in Asia-Pacific in Q2 2022, according to GlobalData’s deals database.
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var options = {
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title: ‘Technology industry cloud venture financing deals in Asia-Pacific: Value and volume trend of cloud deals – Q2 2021 to Q2 2022’,
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function drawVisualization_Template4_Q2_2022_2020_Technology_Asia_pacific_venture_financing_Cloud() {
// Some raw data (not necessarily accurate)
var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([[‘Month’, ‘Deal volume’, ‘Deal value’ , ‘value’], [‘Q2 21’, 141, 1653.10, ‘$1.65bn’], [‘Q3 21’, 163, 2610.66, ‘$2.61bn’], [‘Q4 21’, 171, 1599.41, ‘$1.6bn’], [‘Q1 22’, 193, 2240.71, ‘$2.24bn’], [‘Q2 22’, 212, 1805.81, ‘$1.81bn’]]);
var view = new google.visualization.DataView(data);
view.setColumns([0, 1, 2, {
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var chart = new google.visualization.ComboChart(document.getElementById(‘chart_div_Template4_Q2_2022_2020_Technology_Asia_pacific_venture_financing_Cloud’));, ‘ready’, function () { var img = chart.getImageURI(); jQuery(‘#chart_image’).append(img); });
chart.draw(view, options);

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The value marked a decrease of 19.2% over the previous quarter and a drop of 10.8% when compared with the last four-quarter average of $2.03bn.
Asia-Pacific held a 13.60% share of the global technology industry cloud venture financing deal value that totalled $13.31bn in Q2 2022. With a 6.92% share and deals worth $920.51m, China was the top country in Asia-Pacific’s cloud venture financing deal value across technology industry.
In terms of deal activity, Asia-Pacific recorded 212 cloud deals during Q2 2022, marking an increase of 9.84% over the previous quarter and a rise of 26.95% over the last four-quarter average. China recorded 78 deals during the month.
Asia-Pacific technology industry cloud venture financing deals in Q2 2022: Top deals
The top five cloud venture financing deals accounted for 27.1% of the overall value during Q2 2022.
The combined value of the top five technology cloud venture financing deals stood at $490.03m, against the overall value of $1.8bn recorded for the quarter.
The top five technology cloud deals of Q2 2022 tracked by GlobalData were:
1) CDH VGC,Chendao Capital,Hangzhou Xinlanwei,Hillhouse Ventures,Liumai Capital,Shanghai Biren Technology,SongHe Capital,Walden International (China),Xingrui Capital and Zhongyiren Capital $120.03m venture financing deal with Hangzhou Hongjun Microelectronics Technology
2) The $100m venture financing of Go1 by AirTree Ventures,Blue Cloud Ventures,Five Sigma,Madrona Venture Group,Salesforce Ventures and SoftBank Vision Fund 2
3) CDH VGC and Hillhouse Ventures $100m venture financing deal with Zhejiang Linctex Digital Technology
4) The $100m venture financing of Zhejiang Linctex Digital Technology by CDH Investments Fund Management and GL Ventures
5) Hopu Investment Management,Lightspeed China Partners,Lightspeed Venture Partners IX,VMS Group and Youshan Capital $70m venture financing deal with Beijing Laiye Technology
Verdict deals analysis methodology
This analysis considers only announced and completed cloud-deals deals from the GlobalData financial deals database and excludes all terminated and rumoured deals. Country and industry are defined according to the headquarters and dominant industry of the target firm. The term ‘acquisition’ refers to both completed deals and those in the bidding stage.
GlobalData tracks real-time data concerning all merger and acquisition, private equity/venture capital and asset transaction activity around the world from thousands of company websites and other reliable sources.
More in-depth reports and analysis on all reported deals are available for subscribers to GlobalData’s deals database.


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