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AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 3, 2022 / For athletes and trainers who want to take their training to the next level without investing heavily in additional equipment, NV Athletics has created a groundbreaking technology that they believe will become the new industry standard in resistance training.
Their NV Rack is the only performance tool that adds patented Non-Varying Resistance™ to any lift or movement. Designed to be a supplementary training tool that fastens securely to existing equipment, the NV rack makes exercises safer and more effective by increasing power output with acceleration rather than increasing load.
The NV Rack delivers functional resistance, allowing athletes to become more powerful while decreasing joint load during workout sessions. It can be attached easily and securely as a squat rack attachment or function as a free-standing platform, adding resistance to common exercises like barbell lifts, dumbbell exercises, and bodyweight movements.
The equipment provides massive benefits to any training routine while keeping space utilization in mind. It is designed to be attached to a squat rack at any position high or low providing extreme versatility. Once attached, athletes are able to use the NV Rack’s three different arm positions, and four levels of resistance.
The NV Rack is also perfect for training youth athletes or those newer to gym equipment by helping the user learn proper technique and form.
One of the biggest things in gyms is foot space and how to move and position equipment effectively. The NV Rack doesn’t take up any foot space that is being used, so any gym can use it without worrying about moving around equipment.
NV Athletics was founded in 2017 by Brock Massner and Zachary Musselman, cousins with backgrounds in fitness training and entrepreneurship. The Austin-based company is the first in the fitness industry to develop a squat rack attachment with Non-Varying Resistance™ technology, and their breakthrough innovation has already gained traction in the crowdfunding market. Within their first 4 hours on Kickstarter, NV Athletics reached their fundraising goal.
The company is still seeking capital investments which will allow them to accelerate growth, produce new products that feature their patented technology, and introduce Non-Varying Resistance™ into new industries. Massner and Musselman plan to bring NV Athletics into the rehabilitation space, giving healthcare providers and patients a new way to recover from surgery, injury, and physiological impairment.
By creating an innovative new piece of exercise equipment, the team at NV Athletics is poised to revolutionize the fitness industry – and other industries – in the years to come.
About NV Athletics
NV Athletics was founded by Brock Massner and Zachary Musselman with the mission to redefine resistance training and make exercising more efficient. By combining proven training principles and decades worth of training experience they have created a functional fitness tool that will fundamentally change the way trainers and athletes train, learn, and teach.
Contact Information:
Name: Brock Massner
Company: NV Athletics LLC
Phone: 319-850-7782
Website: https://www.nvathletic.com
Email: [email protected]
City, State: Austin TX
SOURCE: NV Athletics LLC


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